First Low Temperature Detector Workshop Ringberg Castle, Bavaria, 1987


  • Update on Neutrinos, Dark Matter, and Cryogenic Detection.
    By L. Stodolsky
  • New Results on the Basic Properties of Superheated Granules Detectors.
    By L. Gonzales-Mestres and D. Perret-Gallix
  • Investigation of Superconducting Tin Granules for a Low-Energy Neutrino or Dark Matter Detector.
    By K. Pretzl
  • SQUID Detection of Superheated Granules.
    By A. Kotlicki
  • VLSI Superconducting Particle Detectors.
    By 0. Liengme
  • "Minicylinder" Design for Solar Neutrino Detection (A naive proposal).
    By G.Vesztergombi
  • Electron Beam Detection with Superheated Superconducting Grains.
    By A. de Bellefon
  • Monte Carlo Simulation of a Double-Beta Decay Experiment with Superconducting-Superheated Tin Granules.
    By A.F. Pacheco
  • Solar Neutrino Indium Detector Using Superheated Granules.
    By G. Waysand
  • An Indium Solar Neutrino Experiment.
    By N.E. Booth
  • Cryogenic Detection of Particles, Development Effort in the United States.
    By B. Sadoulet
  • Calorimetric Detectors at Low Temperatures.
    By F.v. Feilitzsch, F. Probst, and W, Seidel
  • The Possible Impact of Thermal Detectors in Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics.
    By E. Fiorini
  • Considerations on Front End Electronics for Bolometric Detectors with Resistive Readout.
    By D.V. Camin
  • Coherent Neutrino-Nucleus Elastic Scattering in Ultralow-Temperatures Calorimetric Detectors.
    By T.O. Niinikoski
  • Data Acquisition and Analysis of Calorimetric Signals.
    By A. Rijllart
  • The Use of Rotons in Liquid Helium to Detect Neutrinos
    By G.M. Seidel
14th International Workshop on
Low Temperature Detectors
Heidelberg University
August 1-5, 2011

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