Instructions to prepare a LTD-14 manuscript

The proceedings of LTD-14 will be published as a “Special Issue” of the Journal of Low Temperature Physics.


The manuscripts can be submitted as RevTeX or as MS WORD file.


Please use the templates provided, which also show examples of figures that satisfy the standards of the Journal, to prepare the manuscript. Figures in color will be published in color at JLTP online at no charge. Authors should begin the caption of each colored figure with: (color online). However, figures will be by default printed in grayscale for the JLTP hard copy issue. Upon request by the authors, figures can also be printed in color in the hard copy, at extra costs to the authors.


The length of the papers should not exceed 6 pages for contributed oral- and poster presentations or 12 pages for invited presentations. The format of the published article will be close to the one of the RevTeX template.


Should you encounter any difficulty with the preparation of your manuscript, please check first the Journal of Low Temperature Physics web site, and if the problem persists contact us by e-mail at


Download templates: LaTeX or MSWORD


Once the article has been accepted for publication, the corresponding author will receive a message from Springer with questions regarding the transfer of copyright and the ordering of reprints which can be responded to by simple clicking. Once this is completed, the corresponding author will receive proofs to examine and correct. After the final proof correction by the printer, the article will appear as “online first” on the JLTP - Springer webpage. Once all the accepted articles have appeared “online first”, the Conference Organizers will arrange them in the correct order for publication in the “Special Issue” of JLTP in early 2012.

14th International Workshop on
Low Temperature Detectors
Heidelberg University
August 1-5, 2011

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