The LTD-14 Workshop will be held at the Kirchhoff-Institute for Physics, which is located on Heidelberg University's Natural Science Campus in the Neuenheimer Feld. The historic city center (old town) with the castle and many more historic sites can be reached by tram or bus in less than 15 min. Moreover, walking to the city center along the Neckar river can be very enjoyable and takes about 30 min. There one can find many stores and shops, as well as the arts and humanities institutes of the university. Heidelberg is considered as one of the most beautiful historic cities in Germany, it is a well-known sightseeing attraction with more than 3.5 million guests per year. Heidelberg is also home to the oldest university in Germany, which celebrates its 625th anniversary in 2011. The LTD-14 workshop will be one of the many international events that are included in the official celebration program in the year 2011.

14th International Workshop on
Low Temperature Detectors
Heidelberg University
August 1-5, 2011

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